I have not had hope for a better world in many, many years, but duties still exist.

I do not know about you, but I realized very early on that humanity studiously dumps most of its energies into powering some kind of damage-causing perpetual motion machine.

I do not like this.

So, many years ago, I decided that if I was not strong enough to kill myself and thus completely stop contributing to the demise of everything, I had, at the very least, the duty to stop the pain, abuse and exploitation that human life consists of.

This is, of course, an unachievable aim, which means that its function is that of a compass, not that of a square in which to put a checkmark and move on to bigger things.

Desperately doing and undoing stuff means that there are a few things I now know. So I will begin placing them here, and maybe I'll even redirect my friends and family to them the next time they ask me for guidance on the whole "minimizing damage" and all that.

Thank you, that is all.